Friday, January 16, 2009

Today's problems are tomorrow's solutions

A cool, meaningful phrase, wouldn't you say?

It's just one of the simple, yet very powerful things I heard yesterday during a very nice workshop about the creation of a Phoenix civilization, reborn from dust - something that would enhance the advantages of 2 socio-systems unsuccesfully co-existing today in the world:
- The Yellow system - corporate driven, it is built around PROFIT and VALUE creation, with insufficient regard to the environment;
- The Green system - socially driven, it puts PEOPLE and PLANET at the center of all concerns and militates for environmental awareness, but drives no real value and is extremely inefficient in bringing a coherent message to the world.

The cohesion of the 2 systems will derive in a superior form, engaging the Yellow efficiency in the Green aims.

As you can notice, I still haven't articulated my thoughts around this very well, but it seems like a fascinating subject that I will look deeper into. In the meantime, I would love to talk to you about this/any alternative of global mindset changing attempt.

Go to to get more about the organization that delivered the workshop yesterday and please, feel free to leave any comments on the matter, regardless of alignment/misalignment with what they want to do or what I think is right. I am up for a serious debate!